• Highlights of the year 2017

  • - Riziki GG's No Limit "Puffe"
    #1 Sealyham Terrier 2017
    #1 Sealyham Terrier Puppy 2017

    - Riziki GG's Sing Hallelujah "Kiki"
    #3 Sealyham Terrier 2017
    #2 Sealyham Terrier Puppy 2017

    - Riziki GG's Tell The World "Norma"
    #4 Sealyham Terrier 2017
    #3 Sealyham Terrier Puppy 2017

    - Riziki GG's Sing Hallelujah "Kiki" BISS & BIS JUNIOR at Finnish Sealyham Terrier Club's Speciality 2017

    - Riziki GG's Sing Hallelujah "Kiki" BOB & BOB JUNIOR at Finnish Terrier Association's 70th Anniversary Speciality Show

    - Riziki GG's No Limit "Puffe" HeJW-17, HeW-17, FIJW-17, FIW-17, NORDJW-17, NORDW-17, SEJW-17

    - Riziki GG's Tell The World "Norma" HeJW-17, FIJW-17, NORDJW-17

    - Riziki GG's Sealyham Terriers BEST IN SHOW breeder at Hyvinkää Puppy Show



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Wonderful Winner Shows weekend!


At Helsinki Winner 2018 our Belarusian import Bond ”Louis” competed first time in official class winning junior males with CQ, HELSINKI JUNIOR WINNER 2018, BEST MALE 2, CAC & res-NORD CAC!




Riziki GG’s No Limit ”Puffe” BEST MALE, HELSINKI WINNER 2018, NORD CAC & BOB!


The judge of the day was Siret Lepasaar from Estonia.


At Finnish Winner 2018 Bond ”Louis” won junior males again and became FINNISH JUNIOR WINNER 2018!


Riziki GG’s Sing Hallelujah ”Kiki” won open females with excellent but didn’t get CQ.


Riziki GG’s No Limit ”Puffe” BEST MALE, FINNISH WINNER 2018, CACIB & BOB!


The judge of the day was Irina Poletaeva from Finland.


Well done, congratulations and big thank you to Johanna, Taina, Anna, Yuliya & Lassi ❤️




FICH DKCH Riziki GG's No Limit "Puffe" visited Norway for Nordic Winner and Norwegian Winner shows. Puffe was BOS on both days gaining 4 new titles Norwegian Champion, Norwegian Winner 2018, Nordic Champion & Nordic Winner 2018! Huge congratulations team Puffe! Well done!


Pictures © Anna Nygård



At Jyväskylä NORD and Jyväskylä INT Shows Riziki GG's The Sign ”Nana" goes BOB on both days! Nana can now be called FINNISH CHAMPION! Well done Johanna & Nana! So proud of you two!



Lahti Puppy Show. Bond aka Louis started his show career by winning BOB Puppy under judge Kirsi Nieminen! Well done Louis and thank you Lassi for handling!




Lissu & Lancelot’s puppies are here - 3 males and 4 females ❤️ Check "Puppies" for more information!




On Saturday at Tuulos Group Show Riziki GG's No Limit "Puffe" was BOB and became Finnish & Danish Champion! Puffe was also shortlisted in the group finlas. The breed judge was Juha Palosaari and the group judge was Vesa Lehtonen.


On Sunday at Tuulos Group Shows Riziki GG's No Limit "Puffe" was again BOB! Later in the finals he won the terrier group and was placed BIS-2! The breed judge was Harry Tast, the group judge was Jasna Matejcic and the BIS judge was Juha Palosaari.


Huge congrats team Puffe and thank you Taina and Anna for everything!

Picture © Taina Nygård




At Porvoo All Breed Show under Riziki GG's The Sign ”Nana” BOB & CAC! The judge was Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari from Finland! Nana is on fire as last weekend 1.9.2018 at Helsinki All Breed Show she was also BOB with CAC under judge Svein Bjørnes from Denmark. Well done nana & Johanna!

Picture © Taina Nygård



Great results from Finnish Terrier Association’s Speciality Show Terri-Eri!


Riziki GG’s No Limit ”Puffe” BOB & CAC!


Ch. Urban Dream’s Lisa Leslie ”Lissu” BOS!


Riziki GG’s Sing Hallelujah ”Kiki” 2nd best bitch with CAC!


Riziki GG’s Tell The World ”Norma” 2nd in class and 3rd best bitch.


Riziki GG’s The Sign ”Nana” 3rd in class.


Riziki BOB breeder!


Ch. Urban Dream’s Lisa Leslie BOB & BIS-3 progeny class!!!


The breed judge was Harri Lehkonen from Finland and the BIS progeny class judge was Kaisa Metteri-Gold from Finland.


Congratulations and thanks to Taina Nygård, Anna Nygård, Tiia Laamanen, Nina Laamanen & Johanna Rainio!


Picture © TEXTerri



C.I.B FICH LTCH LVCH BALTW-15 FIW-15 LVW-16 Urban Dreams Lisa Leslie ”Lissu” BOB, CAC & CACIB => BALTIC WINNER 2018, ESTONIAN CHAMPION & BALTIC CHAMPION at Baltic Winner 2018 Show in Tallinn 18.8.2018. The judge was Jovica Golubovic from Serbia.


19.8.2018 at Balter Winner 2018 Show Lissu again BOB under judge Viive Maranik from Estonia. Lissu was also shortlisted in the finals under judge Denk Csaba from Hungary. Big congrats Johanna Rainio!



Great news from Finnish Sealyham Terrier Club’s unofficial Speciality Show! Riziki GG's No Limit ”Puffe” BIS and Riziki GG's The Sign ”Nana” BOS! Riziki also BIS Breeder! Big congratulations Taina & Anna Nygård and Johanna Rainio! The judge of the day was Sassa Huolman.

Picture © Mika Huolman



Helsinki Int. Show judged by Päivi Eerola from Finland. Riziki GG's Sing Hallujah "Kiki" BOS, CAC & CACIB!



Roskilde Int. Show, Denmark. Riziki GG's No Limit "Puffe" BOB, CAC & CACIB! The judge was Tinna Grubbe from Denmark. Huge congrats Taina & Anna once again!




Hollola Group Show judged by Mari Pajaskoski. Riziki GG's No Limit "Puffe" BOB, CAC & BIG-3! Awsome job Taina, Anna & Puffe! Congratulations!

Picture © TEXTerri



Imatra Int. Show judged by Tuula Savolainen from Finland. Riziki GG's Tell The World "Norma" BOB, CAC & CACIB! Well done Team Norma! Congratulations!